I couldn’t find great content online for this, so I decided I would help out our Dads to Be!

As I was packing my bags for me & baby I was thinking I want him o enjoy this experience just as much!  Between the electronics and snacks  I feel like he is covered?!?!?! Anything else he needs is up to him lol

Keep in mind, we live 45 mins from the hospital, so going home isn’t the easiest task.

For Dad

1. Snacks

Labor can be quick or it can be a long process. Prepare for the worse. Pack some snacks you both can enjoy but also some of his favorites. You may want to also find out what restaurants are near the hospital as well. Uber Eats Anyone!

2. Push Present

She’ll appreciate the gesture considering she carried a baby for most of the year. New Mommy/ Push gifts are becoming common practice. Some ideas: photo books, jewelry, a balloon bouquet, or flowers.

3. Toiletries

Pack the basics toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant in your new dad hospital bag. Since you might be in the hospital for an extended period, consider bringing shampoo, soap, face wash, a comb, and styling product.

4. Phone & Phone Charger

5. Blanket and Pillows

You should bring your own pillows and blankets since the hospital ones can be uncomfortable.

6. Cash

Even you might crave a bag of Doritos or Grandma’s Cookies from the vending machine. Bring some cash and coinage in your new dad hospital bag just in case.

7. Headache/Sleep Aids

Your pillows and blankets might not cut it. Limited sleep may also bring on a headache, so pack some ibuprofen too.

8. Headphones

Just in case you want to listen to your favorite songs or podcast during the stay.

9. Sweats & T-Shirt

Sweats are comfy, and may prove useful for sleeping as well. If your wife is having C-Section be prepared to stay overnight with some extra T-shirts & sock. Why not be comfortable as well.

10. Books/Magazines

Bring some reading. Whether it’s for pure entertainment or practical purpose, reading material can fill some time during the waiting period.

 When it comes down to it, you can make it without all of these items, except the mom-to-be.

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